Member Registration Info
Only members of DEAF R/C can register on the site.  Registration and update to Member status allows a Member to access the MEMBER section of the site.  This tab is not visible until you are registered and your status chanded to Member by the club Web Admin.  You will be directed to your profile to update it when you log in the first time.
Some members have been preregistered and sent a temporary password which must be changed the first time they log in.  If you have received a temperary password, please read login below.
When you create your password, it should be at least 7 characters, lower case and no spaces.  Use care in selecting it, but if you do forget it, you can request a reset.




Member Login

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Member Login Info

Registered Members of DEAF R/C can login to the site.  This will give them access to the MEMBERS only Tab on the Menus bar at the top.  The first time you login after registering, you will be asked to update your profile.  See Registration above for info on allowing others to see your street address, phone and cell phone numbers. 

Logging in will allow you to access the Members Directory, access to the Member Calendar and access to the Member Forum. 

Accessing the Members Directory will allow you to see contact information of other members.

Accessing the Members Calendar will allow you to see posting of other Members as to when they will be at Eastfield site or other sites and to add your own postings so that others might join you.

Accessing the Members Forum will allow you to post items for sale or comments about club operations, field safety, etc.  You can also post tips and interesting information here.

 PLEASE USE THE MEMBERS CALENDAR, it is an easy way to get others to join you for flying.
If your profile is not uptodate, when you login, you will be asked to update it.  If you have not previously given us permission to display your street, telephone and/or cell phone, please enter YES or NO in those 3 blocks.
NO says that you do not want to hide your information and only allows Members of DEAF R/C to see this information so they can contact you.
YES says that you want your information to be hidden from view of the club members
Please do not ask to hide your email address as we can not control that information.  It seems to be required information displayed by system.



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