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Randy Randolph

Randy Randolph was a long time icon in model aviation with hundreds of articles and aircraft designs published.  Our dear friend passed away April 8, 2005 and we want to honor his memory by gathering a ‘whole bunch’ of his planes  for the fly-in.

Dig through the plans listed below and the links to back issues of Model Airplane News, Flying Models, Model Aviation, and R/C Modler and find a favorite design to bring to DEAF 19 this October

Randy’s Biography                                                     

List of Published Models 

Links to Magazine Plans:


Model Aviation

Flying Models

Model Airplane News

Click here for Model Photos from Flying Models (link to photo album)


Randy Randolph Design Event Rules

1.  Size and configuration (dimensions, outlines, control surfaces, dihedral, landing gear, etc) unchanged from Randy’s design.

2.  Non-electric models to be converted to electric power.  Any type electric motor, battery, and propeller permitted (with-in AMA rules).

3.  Original structural design and materials to be adhered to except as required for conversion to electric.

4.  Modern hardware (hinges, control horns, servos, push rods, push-pull cables, wheels, etc) and covering materials may be used.

5.  Prizes to be awarded on the basis of “Pilot/CD Choice”.  Entrants must demonstrate a minimum 2 minute filght sometime during the day and must make a copy of the construction plan as originally published available for examination.


D.E.A.F. raised funds from members and our treasury to purchase a Gold Brick for the AMA Walk of Fame in Randy Randolph’s memory.


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